Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why We Have A Freezer

Eighty one bags of Hatch 'Big Jim" green chile is why we have a freezer.

Today Bobbi and I did the annual ritual thing of traveling to the Fruit Basket and ordering two large burlap bags of raw chiles. The green chile roasters are miracles of invention. No more sweating like a pig in the back yard with the grill, you know. This should take care of us for the year. We just had two bags left from last year.

How do we love green chile? Let me count the ways. Green Chile Stew, Gypsy stew(mmm), green chile cheese burgers, green chile omelets, green chile and bologna sandwiches, green chile hot dogs, green chile calabacitas, green chile tacos, green chile on a spoon with a little garlic salt, green chile nachos, green chile and pinto beans......

Those are just a few. I know bologna and hotdogs are bad for me. I don't eat to much of those anymore.

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