Saturday, August 22, 2009

Absence of Malice

There was probably an 'absence of malice' in an incredible error made in the Albuquerque Journal's reporting on the indictments of former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil Giron, Armando Guiterrez and others. When I read the story I actually questioned the background they gave on Gutierrez. I was right when I thought it didn't ring true.

On the Journal website they do a large retraction on the story that said Gutierrez was a political consultant from Miami. It turns out that they put down a description of another Armando Gutierrez who did live in Miami and owned a political consulting company with the same name as New Mexico's Armando.

Still, this is kind of a major blunder caused by deadlines and reduced editing by a short staffed news paper. I also never really saw this correction made in the print edition of the Journal, although I might have missed it due to the tiny little corrections they usually print.

Also, before long when you google the Armando Gutierrez name will it come up with this mistake? The Florida Armando is probably more than a little upset.

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