Monday, August 31, 2009

GOP's Chairman Yates is the New Joe Mcarthy

Tail Gunner Joe would be proud. In what has to be one of the silliest, or maybe scariest news releases I have seen in some time, GOP Chairman Harvey Yates seems to invoke communism and climate change scientists as one in the same. You just have to read this thing to believe it, especially the last paragraph. Just remember, if you pal around with those scientists you might be suspected of being a commie, or worse. You might be accused of not supporting the oil and gas and coal industries. You know, these hundreds of thousands of scientists around the world are part of a conspiracy!

Let us hope this is a defining moment for the NM Republican Party. I have a feeling that they have no clue how over the top this news release seems to most people. Was it written by a three year old?

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