Thursday, August 20, 2009


Former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil Giron, Armando Gutierrez and others will probably all do some time before this is over. It is sad to see Rebecca, who I first met in the 1980's, go down this road. The evidence doesn't look good for her. Power corrupts for sure. Her feeble claims that this is all a conspiracy to get her is laughable. I guess she thinks she was such a powerhouse politico that people would care enough to do that. I don't think so Rebecca. People used to refer to her as "Bruce King in high heels." Not anymore.

This Armando Guiterrez character lived next door to my brother Tom. One night about 18 months ago they up and moved out at 3 am in the morning and disappeared. They abandoned their home and left it a mess. A few days later my brother got a visit from investigators from the Attorney General's Office asking if he knew where they went. My brother didn't know. They eventually tracked him down in Texas.

If this latest debacle isn't a sign post for the need for serious Ethics legislation, then I don't know what the legislature exists for. Time for them to get to work on this issue.

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