Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weapons at Town Hall

Legislators have mostly protected themselves from having to worry about wingnuts with concealed weapons coming into the Capitol building in DC or in New Mexico for that matter. But, they are finding themselves vulnerable at these town halls they are holding around the country. I am wondering if concealed weapons, or even unconcealed weapons are allowable in the locales where these town halls are being held. Probably, if they are in non governmental settings they would be allowed. Right? Maybe even in some government facilities like senior centers or community centers.

This is all pretty crazy and if anyone gets hurt as a result of this insane concealed weapons law then we need to rethink where these weapons can be carried. At least now our NRA frightened legislators might think a little harder about the need for better legislation.

I wonder if Rush Limbaugh allows concealed weapons in his radio studio.

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