Saturday, October 24, 2009


The meat cleaver approach which will cut many services to New Mexicans has prevailed at the state legislature. The across the board cuts of 7.5% are dramatic and need to be improved upon. I am not arguing about the amount of money that must be saved, but the meat cleaver approach leaves little room for thoughtful management. Now, the Governor must decide what to do and I would not be surprised to see a veto.

The State Land Commissioner announced horrible drops in revenue from the production of oil and gas. This means he must resign. At least if he followed his own philosophy of attacking me in our last campaign for causing a drop of revenues in 1993 when I was Land Commissioner. Of course it is the national economy that does this, not the Land Commissioner. But, I challenge this Commissioner to now step down since he has disgraced himself by his own admission. Add to that the sweet heart/middle of the night land trades and leases he has done and we would all be better off for him leaving early. The regular media will never call him on this.

Have you noticed? Still an ominous quiet from Albuquerque city government on its financial condition. I think we will hear a lot about it on December 1st when Mayor Marty marches out of office proclaiming a balanced budget.

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New Mexican said...

The legislators, and governor's, biggest mistake was planning on gas prices staying very, very, high. The gas prices are not too low.