Monday, October 19, 2009

The Other Shoe

I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop in the aftermath of the financial condition of the state that the Governor and Legislature are trying to deal with. That shoe would belong to the incoming administration of Albuquerque Mayor Elect Berry. There is an ominous silence on city finances from the incoming and outgoing administrations. The media has not asked for any comment on what the new Mayor is facing and the Mayor elect is not talking about it. Certainly, Marty Chavez wont but I have a feeling he will be hearing about it for years after he steps out of office on December 1st.

How about the City Council? Do any of them have any information on how bad the situation is? Come on! We are all (mostly) adults around here and we can take some bad news.

I have made a couple of calls to the transition office asking if, as a former Mayor, I might get in to see the Mayor elect. I have a little experience in dealing with a financial disaster left by Marty Chavez. I have not received any call backs yet. Ten days later. When you are in you are in.....when you are out you are out.

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