Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I see where the Pope is trying to be very inclusive. He is offering membership in his church to all Anglicans who want to leave their church because it is inclusive. I love irony.

If Mayor elect Berry's choice for CAO, my old colleague David Campbell, does not get approved by the City Council then it will be a miserable four years for our city government. The Mayor elect has always been able to pick his CAO with out worry about whether or not he is a 'born again christian' or if he is too moderate for the crazies in politics. Both Democrats and Republicans on the Council should send a message of respect to the Mayor elect and confirm Dave Campbell. Then they need to get to work on cleaning up the budget crisis at City Hall.

This will upset some folks, but I just don't think those firemen in Eddy County should get a dime for emotional distress because they saw horrific scenes at a natural gas explosion that killed an extended family. These guys are expected to deal with this stuff. I remember as a reporter/photographer, for Channel 7, going to a really gruesome plane crash that killed nine people. My friend Rodger Beimer and I were among the first on the scene and it was horrific but we did our jobs and didn't sue the airplane manufacturer because we saw bad things. Yes, I surely do appreciate the job that firefighters and rescue personnel perform. But, they have to know they will see this kind of thing and not run to some lawyer trying to cash in on it.

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New Mexican said...

Amen on the firefighters, if they can't take it, get another job.