Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Many legislators are finger pointing at the Governor and trying to blame him for all of the state's budget problems. They are also trying to lay it at the feet of Lt. Governor Diane Denish. She presides over the Senate. But stop and think a moment. The Governor must get approval for the budget from the legislature. So maybe many of those members should be pointing at them selves for pork projects, tax cuts, freely spending in times of plenty, and generally letting the good times roll.

They are also trying to scapegoat the 'exempt' employees for being a source of many problems. Yes, the Governor has increased the number of exempt employees but it is hardly the cause of the budget meltdown. Also, these exempt employees are the only ones in state or school employment that have taken a salary reduction. They are doing their part to staunch the bleeding.

Now, switch over to Albuquerque City Government where Mayor elect Berry has hired an exempt as a republican favor. Think of Sheriff Darren White. If that isn't a political hire then I am Santa Claus. (I actually think White has done a good job as sheriff.) It will also be interesting to see how many exempt positions get axed by the new Mayor. Probably more than a few, but certainly not all of them.

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