Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Think about it. Our legislature that is. Last November the progressive minded democrats took over three legislative seats in the primary election from more conservative democrats. Add to that the loss of another half dozen or so republican seats to democrats in the general election. That was a signal of sorts that the legislature should become more centrist or left of center. In fact it has not changed at all because of the seniority system that has the conservative wing of the democratic legislative delegation still calling the shots. I am talking about Senator Tim Jennings and Senator John Arthur Smith. This isn't a necessarily a bad thing but it does fly in the face of what one would have expected.

Now, the legislature meets this next weekend for a horrendous job of dealing a plummeting revenue base. With the seniority system alive and well the chance for any repeal of tax cuts for the rich is about zero. The Governor has his work cut out for him. It will generally be a very unpleasant weekend.

And New Mexico's oil and gas industry, the industry that made immoral and obscene profits up until about a year ago, are weighing in saying this state's environmental regulations are killing their business. They are threatening to pull up stakes and jobs from New Mexico unless these regs are repealed. They seem to be sending a message of, "We want our way on degrading your water and landscapes and in return we will give you short term jobs" Doesn't sound like a good deal to me. Do not forget that the republican party is led here by oil and gas executive Harvey Yates of Yates Petroleum.

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