Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday there was a big story in the national financial media about the fact that the largest bonus payouts in history for CEOs in the financial industry are about to take place. At the same time there is a story in Colorado that the legislature will lower the minimum wage in that state. And this weekend the New Mexico Legislature will probably end up cutting wages for state employees.

The Social Security Administration will not enact a cost of living raise for seniors and others this year. That is understandable, but not in light of the CEO's greed.

This is the kind of stuff that leads to revolution! Next we will be throwing homeless families into debtors prison for stealing bread. It is no longer just a"Tale of Two Cities" but a tale of two economies. I guess I would be classified as upper middle class and people like me can't stand around and watch this injustice go on much longer. We will all pay a price.

I was watching local news last night and saw Mayor Elect Berry once again say he would run the city like a business. I know he will find it necessary to keep saying that for a while, at least until he figures out it won't work that way. I think he will be a good Mayor once he sees that operating government and business are really two different things.

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