Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out of the Gate

Mayor elect Berry's selection of David Campbell as Chief Administrative Officer is a winner. Dave is a good guy with progressive tendencies and a good overall understanding of the city bureaucracy. I worked with him a lot when I served as Mayor. He is a realist and a thinker.

Mayor elect Berry's selection of Darren White is a gift to the republican party. That is about it. White will enter a job that was created by Marty Chavez to give to a long time supporter eight years ago. This "Public Safety" position will mainly consist of knocking down derelict properties in the city. The Albuquerque Police Department will run itself as will the Fire Department. At least now White wont have to go back to an hourly wage as a police officer in Torrance County, or as a crime reporter on TV when his term as Sheriff ends.

I have to chuckle at the Bernalillo County Commission for doing the right thing. The democratic commission appointed a republican to take over Mayor elect Berry's seat in the legislature. Can you imagine a republican dominated commission doing that for a democrat? Not in this lifetime!

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