Thursday, October 29, 2009

GOP and Big Oil

You can almost see the incest. The republican party and the oil and gas industry are skipping down the road hand in hand. They are denying reality and what is in both their long term interests. (Here in New Mexico the republican party is run by Yates Petroleum.)

The GOP is out with their bayonets trying to defeat their own candidates who are not deemed conservative enough for the likes of Sarah Palin, Glenn and Rush. Does defeating republicans now trump electing them with this party? Even as a strong Democrat I think the two party system is important to our nation. The GOP is trying to kill itself off. How weird is that?

Then there is the oil and gas industry impaling themselves on the climate change issue by denying there is anything to worry about. Their TV and newspaper ads are threatening the American consumer with $4 a gallon gasoline if a climate change bill is passed. ($4 gas may be the thing that ultimately saves us.)

Oh, and they are saying they should not be the victim of any new taxes after making windfall profits off consumers backs for over a decade. Instead of going down this path why in the world don't they invest in clean and alternative energies? Their longevity is already doomed by climate change anyway so why not do the right thing and invest in a new era? Not doing so is akin to the Dutch and Spanish Navies who refused to see steam powered ships as being viable. They stuck with wind in their sails and then fell as world powers.

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New Mexican said...

$4.00 a gallon gas may save us? It will bring average New Mexicans to their knees. The last bout of plus $4.00 a gallon gas started the economic down turn. In my view, that may have started the world wide recession.