Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Campaign Committees

I got a comment on my blog yesterday from the good people at common cause who said my prediction that 'measure finance committees' would turn an Albuquerque Mayor's runoff election into a mockery of the public finance law is just not true. They say that if a committee starts spending a money against a candidate then that candidate will get a matching amount of money from the public financing fund. I am sure that may be true, but the goal of public financing is really to take the big money out of these races. That probably will not be the case. Of course, the economy is in bad shape so maybe the money won't be forthcoming into the committees. However, you will see a lot of money come in and you will see a lot of money not reported. Word is that some campaigns are asking people to write direct checks to the post office for mailings. Will that ever be picked up? Also, last night the parking lot at republican headquarters was jammed with phoners for their candidate. Will those costs be reported?

Don't hold your breath. But do get out and vote.

I will be on KANW FM 89.1 radio this evening with fellow blogger Joe Monahan as we try to make sense of the returns....

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