Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yesterday one of the Albuquerque Journal's front page bloggers went on a frontal assault against KRQE investigative reporter Larry Barker for calling a former state official out on falsifying documents and pay slips. This official was the former head of the Commission on the Status of Women. The Journal story made it look like this official had been unfairly victimized by Barker. I happened to speak with Barker yesterday on a solar array he is putting up on top of his house. He told me that the reporter from the Journal admitted to him she had never seen the broadcast story that Barker did. This particular front page columnist loves to do stories on victimhood.

Today there is a front page story on a Doctor from UNM who is being sued by a woman who claimed he demanded sex for drugs. The story was fairly done I guess. Read it for the details. However, I got the feeling that because litigation is involved that the Doctor could not really defend himself in the story on order of the lawyers. There were hints in the article that there are strong defenses. It seemed like a 'sensational' story at best and it was right up there big time on the front page.

These two day juxtaposed stories are just interesting.

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New Mexican said...

Just read the column. It is a good column. I do not know how Larry Barker sleeps at night.