Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arizona Pox

A Pox on the Arizona Legislature.  Now a bill has been introduced to deport legal American citizen children of Mexicans who entered the country illegally.  Damn!  Why stop there?  Why not grandchildren and great grand children too?  You know this might even force GOP gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez to be forced out of the country.  We are all the off spring of immigrants.  And there is this idiot republican for Congress Tom Mullins suggesting land mines on the border. Yes, blowing legs off children would be a good deterrent wouldn't it.

Will someone ask Susan Martinez where she stands on land mines? (pun)   Will someone provide Mullins with some lessons in human decency?  Will someone urge Chairman Harvey Yates, the head of the republican party in New Mexico, to say land mines are a bad idea?  Afterall, he didn't like negative TV Commercials in the GOP primary so this shouldn't be very difficult for him.  Although, he didn't condemn Susana's over the top commercial on Diane Denish last week.

Life is too short.

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