Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emails Now

I rolled back into town about 3:30 from Pendairies, NM.  We played 45 holes of golf in less than 24 hours.  Ah retirement.

But then I see that the new issue of the day in the Governor's campaign is not another venom and mud soaked TV commercial, but a venom and mud soaked email.  Apparently Susana Martinez's Assistant District Attorney sent around a nasty email, clearly racist and not really funny as it was meant to be, and now it is the issue of the day.  Except it really shouldn't be an issue.  If Martinez had sent it, then it would have been an issue.  If she does nothing in the way of discipline, that will be an issue.

Her day may be as bad as Hermes the Cat, and Ajax the other Cat.  Yes, they got neutered today.  Now, they are just sleepy and hungry.....and probably pissed.

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