Thursday, June 03, 2010


I traveled up to Chacon, New Mexico for a day and night to stay with my good friend Arturo Sandoval.  Back in the 70's he purchased 40 acres of land so he could keep the memories of his family in the area alive.  He goes up there often.

He has two beautiful horses now.  Cafe con Leche is the Pinto and Adelita is the Gray.  These horses act like dogs.  They follow you around everywhere hoping for an oat biscuit.  This morning they knocked on the door at 6am sharp.

There are a lot of ruins  of old Adobes in and around Chacon.  The young people leave as soon as they can because of a depressed economy in the North and the lack of anything to stimulate them.

We visited some old cemeteries.  This stone is in the Presbyterian cemetery in Chacon.  It was made with native rock and has stood up well.  The Presbyterians were strong in the Chacon area rather than the traditional Catholics.

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