Friday, June 04, 2010

The High Road

Yesterday I traveled the high road from Chacon, NM down through Embudo to Espanola.  I snapped this picture from the highway looking down towards Dixon, NM.  I had not been on the 'high road' for many years and am still bowled over by the natural beauty of our state.

I was thinking about the term 'high road' and the kind of politics we just witnessed in the republican primary for governor.  That was an example of the 'low road'.  It was all to familiar of a campaign where the best you will see is one candidate blatantly lying about the other on expensive TV commercials.  Both Susana Martinez and Allen Weh should get Emmys for their outrageous commercials.  If there is a category for 'disgustingly simple minded drivel.'

This will certainly spill over into the general election because as we all know that is what seems to work as American voters continue to dumb down via Fox news and rightwing talk radio.

Also, yesterday as I was burning fuel coming down to Albuquerque from the north I got to thinking about who is to blame for the BP Gulf fiasco.  It is easy to blame them or the government.  Very easy.  And they both own a large part of this mess.  But so does everyone who stops at the filling station.  Many have let the oil and gas industry sponsored "Drill Baby Drill' mantra convince them that oil consumption is a benign thing.  As we are learning every second of the day, it is hardly that.  Remember, that was the motto of the republican party, Sarah Palin, and now GOP candidate for Governor Susana Martinez who took huge donations from the oil boys in her primary.

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