Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As everyone knows I am a big supporter of President Obama.  I thought he could hit a home run last night with his Oval Office Speech.  It was only a double.  My friend Rodger Beimer said this morning it was time to send in Joe Biden to the Gulf to manage efforts.  Rodger also said something else I agree with.  When will the national media actually start covering this story instead of sitting on the beach interviewing gasbags and professional victims who know little?  I am sick of seeing Anderson Cooper in his pressed black T-shirt standing in a park.  Send in some real journalists and get out of the fancy looking studios with babbling heads talking politics.

I keep seeing the Mayor's front man on Public Safety on TV when it will make him look good.  Darren White knows how to step in front of a camera.  I hope he will do so soon to assure us that the rash of police shootings are not indicative in any problems at APD.  Maybe he doesn't want to be seen in a defensive mode.  I remember when I was Mayor I questioned the training regime that APD cadets were given.  It was more like a Marine type 'kill them all' boot camp rather than a police officer/public servant course. Yes, the Police have to be tough and have the capability to kill if necessary, but there is a lot more to their service than that.  I wonder if the Mayor giving up his direct authority over public safety to White was a good idea.

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