Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Have you noticed how much time the Albuquerque Journal is dedicating to coverage of County government?  I am glad for it because I have always complained they have ignored it.  A friend and I figured out that since there is now a republican Mayor that they will shift their focus to the county.  I am not convinced we are right about that paranoid conclusion, but the timing is interesting.

There was a story in the New York Times today about how a rich guy with a $9  billion dollar estate has died.  Because of a lapse in the tax law there will be no estate taxes paid.  I think this is horrendous, but what we really need are front page stories about is how little in taxes the rich are paying when they are alive.

I wonder if BP will claim tax deductions for their expenses from the Gulf disaster.  Congress should pass legislation that will not allow that.  In the meantime I am hearing ominous warnings that the surrounding formation in the Gulf blowout may have been possibly fractured by the 'top kill' attempt.  I  had wondered how much could be jammed down that hole before the casings might rupture in the formation running down to the oil.  This would be really bad.

And finally, when will some reporter start tracking the reorganization of the MMS at the Interior Department?  Is anything really happening?


Paul said...

Maybe New Mexico could provide them with a tough regulator.

Rita Longino said...

Dan Duncan, the billionaire, owned Enterprise Product Partners and other associated pipelines and gas processing facilities. Many, many of his billions came out of the 4 Corners where they own the gas gathering systems, gas processing facility and pipelines. They also are active around Hobbs and are building a fractionator for gas processing.