Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am not even sure it is possible to govern in this country anymore.  The President of the United States should be working on one thing right now.  The economy and adding jobs.  What is he doing instead?  Dealing with the oil blow out in the Gulf, having to spend time in graciously firing a gullible and loudmouthed General for hanging out with Rolling Stone Magazine for a month, and any number of other things that distracts from the job at hand.

Not that these are not important things.  They are.  But the media and radio talk-show host world they are the only things that matter and they beat up everyone involved intensely for a week, just before they go back and criticize the leadership for not paying attention to the important things.

Things are important one day and forgotten the next!  What has ever happened in Haiti anyway?  Did CNN leave because Anderson Cooper ran out of pressed black T shirts again.  (I love saying that.)  Will they ever go back?

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