Tuesday, June 22, 2010

City Council

I feel sorry for Mayor Berry.  Here is the city of Albuquerque in the worst financial shape ever due to the Council and former Mayor Marty Chavez overspending for a decade.  Couple that with the economy being in the crapper and even an idiot can see that working together would be a smart thing to do for the Mayor and Council.  So, what does the council do?  In the middle of crucial labor negotiations that will determine the city's ability to meet its challenges, the council refuses to fund the labor negotiators contract with the city.

This is pandering politics at its worst.  The councillors who did this seem to me care more about vote getting from the labor groups than the welfare of the city.  I would bet the unions, who are just doing what they must for their membership, must be astonished at their success.  Although the advertising campaign of the Albuquerque Police Union is sophomoric in its implied allegations that we will all be killed in our beds if they don't get their pay raises.

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