Thursday, June 03, 2010

Under the Bus

It looks like Diane Denish has inoculated herself and has thrown immigrants under the bus.  I was very disappointed to see the story in the Journal this morning about it.  Now she doesn't like drivers licenses for immigrants either.  Okay, illegal immigrants who most likely have children who are American citizens.  I hope this is as far as it goes but knowing the republicans I am sure they will continue scapegoating the Jews, oops I mean the illegal Mexican immigrants.

Memo to Governor's candidates:

There are a lot of important issues to be discussed in your upcoming race.  About 80% of the way down that list might be immigration.  Please remember that when out on the campaign trail.  Of course the media will try and get you to argue over immigration everyday, but do all of us voters a favor and don't fall for that.  You could talk about jobs, crumbling infrastructure, oil and gas pollution, watershed protection, education and dozens of other things before you get to the phony immigration issue.

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