Monday, June 28, 2010

Journal Future

The headline story in the Sunday Journal was about city employees who get paid while they are not working because of injury.  It was an okay story.   Was it headline class?  I don't think so.  It belonged on the Metro Page.

We all sat around over breakfast in the back yard yesterday discussing what the Journal does.  We pretty much decided that it gets its teeth into a story and doesn't let go until someone is brought low, guilty or not.  They mainly report alleged and real government corruption stories.  They seem to loathe government.  At least that is the idea one gets.

Those stories need to be done of course.  But so do success stories.  When did you ever see a string of stories that celebrated something that government did right.  Some uplifting stories.  They are out there because there are indeed a lot of dedicated public servants who go the extra mile.  People are being served.  When was the last time your water didn't come on when you went to the faucet?  Or how much fun your kids have at the zoo and what it took to provide that experience?  Or how after school programs made a difference in a child's life?  Or the fireman EMT who saved a heart attack victim?

We can only surmise where the Journal goes in the future.  If it is truly an extension of its publisher then it probably wont change.  But it needs to and fast.  I just cant get off on headline stories on insider stuff dealing with city leave policy for injured employees.   I want something better from the Journal on a regular basis.  I know their talented staff can do it, if they are given the opportunity.

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