Monday, June 07, 2010

Questions for the Candidates

Here are some questions that need to be asked of our Gubernatorial candidates Diane Denish (my favorite) and Susana Martinez (Sarah Palin's favorite.)

1. Would you support deporting the illegal immigrant parents of American born children who are legal citizens by birthright?
2. Would you weaken the so called 'pit rule' enacted by the Richardson administration which is meant to protect New Mexico's waters and aquifers from the oil and gas industry?
3. Will you support legislation that extends incentives and tax credits for renewable energy?
4. Will you promise not take any campaign donation over $5,000 and return any monies that you have accepted over that amount from any entity or person?

That last question is important because after this election cycle that will be the law.  This might be the most important question to decide which candidate will be on the moral and ethical high ground.


NewMexiKen said...

I did not know governors had a say in deportation. I thought that was strictly federal.

Jim Baca said...

You are right on the Fed's role in deportation. However, the state's role in this could be crucial in the future.