Monday, June 21, 2010

Irony Again

There was a letter to the editor in the Journal today from someone who says they don't like GOP gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez because she took $450k from a Texan and that she in fact was born in Texas.  I think there is nothing wrong with questioning a $450K donation from anyone, but qualifying it as a donation from a Texan is no better than qualifying all immigrants as illegal.  As for Susana Martinez being a native Texan, who cares?  I wonder how she sees this slight.  Maybe she now knows how her qualification of immigrants as being criminals affects them.  Live by the sword and die by the sword I guess.

I  have a feeling we are now in the summer doldrums for political news in New Mexico.  You don't see or hear much except for the GOP candidate's over the top TV Commercials.  They are like something out of a Marvel Comic.  Can she really ride to victory on this trash?  Will old fashion organizing be in her quiver of arrows for the fall campaign?  Will she disavow her policy of less regulation on the oil and gas industry?  Will she go to the Gulf and see oil covered Pelicans to figure out what a lack of regulation does?

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