Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sacrifice and Victimhood

I sometimes think I am becoming heartless.  But, then I talk with folks who are wiser and more experienced than me and find they have reached the same conclusions.

Today I had breakfast with my 87 year old Uncle Jaime.  He is a child of the depression, a combat veteran of WWII in the Pacific as a waist gunner on a B-24, a retired school teacher and long time Deacon in the Catholic Church.  He is still as sharp mentally as can be and has devoted his life to helping others.

However, he has about had it with people no longer wanting to sacrifice for the good of the country.  He is even more upset that they are not being asked to by our political leaders.  (I don't think I missed such leadership in the Obama speech did I?) And he is tired of too many seeking compensation and becoming professional victims of some catastrophe or slight.  This conversation all came about when we started talking about the BP Gulf Oil disaster.  We decided that if this had happened during decades past that instead of everyone waiting for the federal government to write checks,  that the states, counties and people would have rolled up their sleeves and started helping themselves until the cavalry arrived.  Instead, the goal seems to be to get on Anderson Cooper to cry on the air about how they are hopeless victims of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and ask for financial aid.  (Christine Amanpour has said Cooper is reporting from the Fact Free Zone.)  We are all victims of stress at some point in our lives but seem to get on with our lives.

Alright, this is over the top I know, but it is something to worry about.  I might feel differently if I were a shrimp boat worker in the Gulf or the bar tender at a beach resort.  BP is responsible and should pay for damages and the CEO and Boards should be forced to resign.

There is good news for New Mexico today on the renewable energy front at least.  Read this link.
The Governor's effort helped with our great position in this race for a green future.


New Mexican said...

I wonder what Pat Buchanan has to say about the Gulf spill? He had plenty to say about the Haiti earthquake.

Anonymous said...

Time for an update on your solar power project!