Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Prime Time

Is Susana Martinez ready for Prime Time?  Can she do anything but carp about alleged corruption in Santa Fe?  Can she handle the economy, the unemployment rate, the needs of education, public safety, a Democrat controlled legislature, and a Democrat Congressional delegation? It is a long way from prosecuting DWI cases to handling state government and all of its intricacies. And there is that whole thing about her taking 450 thousand dollars from one right wing guy and his wife from Texas.  One guy.  How does that stack up for ethics and influence peddling on her part.  Will she disavow this guy?  That unprecedented donation sort of takes the 'pay to play' issue off the table for her.  Will she disavow the now Gulf disgraced oil and gas industry and their heavy contributions?  Will she allow them to drill and fracture their way through valuable aquifers in Otero Mesa?  Will she get rid of the pit rule that protected our water?  I am sure she will be shined up and polished when the battle is joined this summer with Diane Denish, who actually has the experience and knowledge to tackle the job.  It is going to be an interesting five months.

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