Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A First

For the first time ever we won't have our kids home for Christmas this year.  Every year at least one of them has been here.

About 30 years ago Bobbi and I started a family.  Every year we would put up a Christmas Tree.  At first we would go up into the Jemez with friends and cut one down.

Justin's first tree enamored him.

A few years after Noelle was born she was heavy into the whole Luminaria thing.

We stopped slaughtering good trees after a few years and started putting up fake ones.  It was like a construction project but they were nice.

This year we made the decision that the tree would stay in the box until next year when our new grandson, Simon, shows up for his first New Mexico Christmas.  Both Justin and Noelle will be elsewhere this Christmas since they were here last year.  The families have tacitly agreed to visits every other year for the holidays.

We will however put up some decorations and the luminarias once again.  Our neighborhood always does it up pretty nice.

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