Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I Would Like to See in 2011

A Wish List
  • The Pope decides that gay people are okay, priests can marry, and women can be priests.
  • Governor Elect Susana Martinez turns into a moderate republican uninfluenced by her right wing supporters.
  • The Republican House Leadership decides there is value in science and they move to curtail climate change.
  • All conservative Radio Talk Show Hosts have acute decades long laryngitis.
  • Oil and Gas industry CEO's and Boards are all put into forced labor for six months to clean up any and all oil spills.
  • It is discovered that acute laryngitis is incurable.
  • Comcast Cable is broken up into little pieces along with Rupert Murdoch's empire.
  • President Obama makes the right wing bleed a little before compromising.
  • All Defense Industry CEOs, Boards and Congressmen must serve six months of front line combat in Afghanistan.
  • Drugs are legalized so that the modern day crime wave ceases.
  • A flat and progressive tax rate is passed with no loopholes or subsidies except for renewable energy research and development.
  • I take five strokes of my golf game.


Rodney said...

Be happy that there is at least one of those you could actually control. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, but after the Revolution those can all be enacted with a simple up or down vote. That's a good list, though. If you don't mind I think I'll adopt it myself. I'm not sure yet how I'll take five strokes off your golf game. That would make ten.

Ok, then said...

Love your list. My only addendum would be to make the sentences for oil execs "as long as it takes" for a complete clean-up. In BP's case, that would go on until the end of time as we know it.