Saturday, December 18, 2010

Irony Again

The great crime fighter who is our Governor Elect Susanna Martinez will now go down in history as creating the biggest crime wave in the Land of Enchantment, ever!  She  has charged her new cabinet appointee for the Taxation and Revenue Department, Demesia Padilla,  with passing a bill that will take away driver's licenses that were legally granted to undocumented residents, thus making them criminals every time they get into a car.  99% of these people are like you and me, they work, they feed their families, they try to live good and decent lives.  But the new administration wants to turn them into criminals.  I can only think that Susanna Martinez wants to break up and ruin families.  After reading recently how well she cares for her disabled sister I thought she might be okay after all.  But not now. Why else do this?  It is heartless and cruel and she is definitely on my list of most unfavorite people. And she hasn't even been sworn into office yet.

This is what happens I guess when the extreme right wing funds your campaign.  Their politics of hate just naturally will spill over into the new Governor's policies.  Well, they better get ready for a hell of a fight.

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