Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Outgoing Land Commissioner Pat Lyons says the State Auditor's report citing wrong doing and incompetence during  his term is a 'joke'.  I wonder if the US Attorney will think it is  a joke and sit on his hands over this.  The US Attorney should immediately start an investigation into these issues since he has jurisdiction because of the Enabling Act that made New Mexico Land Commissioner an important constitutional office.

I wonder if the Albuquerque Journal thinks it is a joke and retract their biased and partisan endorsements of Lyons even when they had reported on some of his ethical failures.  They endorsed him over me in 2006 because the publisher and the oil and gas industry were pals.

I wonder if Attorney General Gary King will move on any of these issues.  He might think it is no joke but does he have the horsepower for such an investigation?

I wonder if Ray Powell will ask for further investigations of Land dealings with Dona Ana county land developers that contributed so much money to Lyons.

And who will watch Lyon's performance as the newly elected Public Regulation Commissioner?

I would be surprised if anyone in the prosecutorial or journalism professions will move on any of this.  The oil and gas and real estate industries just would not appreciate it.

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