Thursday, December 16, 2010


You have to wonder about this rich man's tax package that just sailed through the Senate.  At least our two Senators, Bingaman and Udall, showed some courage in voting against it.  But you need to stop an analyze this whole thing from the Presidential politics game.

President Obama just handed a gift to the rich and that is something given his lack of 'fighting spirit' that should not surprise us.  But, he is a good politician and here he is pissing off two U.S. Senators from a state that gave him its electoral votes.  Meanwhile, the U.S. Senators in places like Utah, where Obama will never ever get electoral votes, are wringing their hands in joy.  

This deal may have been the best Obama could have ever gotten, but he should  have made the republicans bleed a lot more.  I think that Bingaman and Udall did the right thing in this largely symbolic gesture.

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