Tuesday, December 07, 2010


There is a story in the paper this morning about how former Governor Gary Johnson smoked pot when he was recovering from injuries received in an accident a few years ago.  A few columns over there is a story on a bust on the border of some guy with 300 pounds of the weed.  And we wonder why drug laws don't work!  Johnson continually gets slammed for wanting to legalize drugs when he was Governor.  It was one thing I agreed with him about.  Our drug laws are funding terrorism in the poppy fields of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  And your household is being burglarized to fund a junkies habit.

I think there could be a chilling effect on people wanting to serve on state boards and commissions now that the Attorney General's office says you may have to pay for your own lawyer in connection with your service to the state.  That might be overly broad on my interpretation, but the chilling effect will still be there.

I was quoted in the paper saying nice things about Mayor Richard Berry.  I do think he is doing a good job with the cards he was handed by that big spender Marty Chavez.  A friend of mine suggested Berry could save more money by just transferring his Public Safety Chief Darren White to the job of spokesman for the police chief and thereby reducing the Mayor's office budget.

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