Thursday, December 02, 2010

News of the Day

The Obama Administration showed some courage and banned deep water drilling in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico for at least another seven months.  I am happy they flexed their muscles for once and said no to the oil and gas industry.

Apparently there are three times as many stars in the Universe than previously thought.  Scientists announced this yesterday.  It doesn't mean much to our everyday lives except for the fact that the chances triple for other 'more' intelligent life out there.  It brings up the notion again of an expanding universe, but what is it expanding into?

In this whole wide universe though the front page of the Albuquerque Journal finds it important to report on a lovers spat between a Channel 7 reporter and her cage fighter boyfriend.  He was the victim because his sweatshirt cord was pulled out!  Mondo Bizarro!  He called the cops so he probably wouldn't lose his fighting license, if there is one.  But come on, the front page!  I would love to hear the chat between Journal Editor Kent Walz and Mary Lynn Roper, general manager at Channel 7.  The two are partners in news gathering.  If I were a Journal staffer I would stay out of any romantic entanglements for a while.  This will be the most read story of the week.  Someone should find out why the cops even bothered.  Where is the common sense?

Life is too short.

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Derek Bill said...

The idea of a muscular cage fighter dating a five-foot figure skater is rather intriguing to me....and yes, for many wrong reasons. I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up helping Channel 7's ratings. Definitely makes me want to tune in and see what makes this little spitfire tick (and why she'd date a guy who says things like "I don't wanna press no charges").