Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday List

I spend most of my time on this blog moaning and complaining about things.  So, in the Holiday Spirit I want to be happy about ten things over the last year.  Here goes!

  1. We are grandparents and our grandson is named Simon Baca.  At this point he is charged with carrying the name on for the clan.  Not that it is important, but it is a great name to send into the future.
  2. Bobbi still puts up with me after being together for almost 35 years.  I don't know why, but she does.
  3. Our kids, Justin and Noelle are doing great and we don't have to worry about them.  But being good parents we still do.  They both turned out to be decent human beings.
  4. We are all in pretty good health and not spending the family savings on healthcare.  We are lucky in that we have good insurance backed  up by Medicare for me.
  5. We were able to travel a lot this year including a 12 day cruise up and down the South American Coast.  I went to Mexico City and really enjoyed it.  I want to take Bobbi there soon.  In 2011 we will cruise the Spanish, French and Channel coasts in Europe.
  6. I have rediscovered the game of golf and I am really enjoying it.
  7. Retirement is really fun because I still have plenty to do in volunteer service on several Environmental and Philanthropic Boards.  I think retirement is great because you can pick your own stress levels.
  8. I really enjoy our new cats, Hermes and Ajax.
  9. We have so many great friends and look forward to our dinner parties every Sunday.  We love to cook, talk politics, and visit.
  10. I am planning to start some new internet projects and photo essays soon.  My first will be kicked off in May as I document the Bridges over the Rio Grande.

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