Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Justice Served?

The TV news operations and the Albuquerque Journal ran out to hear City Public Safety Chief Darren White say that the Airport Police did not improperly have a young man and his father deported to Mexico after a traffic stop.  It is good the investigation showed no improper actions.  But, very little was said about the affects of this action in the final analysis.  The father and son are in Mexico and the mother and daughter are still in Albuquerque.  Another family split apart after living here for so many years.  Why is this a good thing?  Will one of these bozo stations or newspaper followup on this story to see the hardship that has occurred?  Don't hold your breath.

I got a call from one local TV news operation asking for a comment on a story they are doing soon on a government agency elected official they are investigating.  I said no thanks, because the story has no gravitas and is simple minded.  It is an easy cheap shot while at the same time there are some really horrible things that should come out of that same agency.  But that would require real investigative journalism and many hours of work.  If that were to happen there would be less time for simple minded sex stories and DUI stories at the top of the news.  The producer that called me said he would immediately send me his email address so I could send him some information.  He never did.

Maybe even the stations could investigate some of their advertisers for ripping off their customers.  Well, maybe in another parallel universe that could happen.

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