Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I see where KOB TV news has hired a couple of new anchors.  They are both very attractive women with good educations.  They now get to report stories on car wrecks, sex scandals, and DUI for the rest of their careers.  What a waste!  Also, I know it will never ever happen, but do you think any of the TV News Departments will ever hire any on air female reporters with good educations and experience who are not attractive?  It all really shows where these so called news organizations are really coming from.

I wonder if anyone is doing good job of vetting those people in the new Governor's transition and appointee recruitment efforts.  It would appear not,  when you consider that Pete Domenici Jr., who has a half dozen law suits against the Environment Department, has been chosen to pick a new cabinet secretary there.  Talk about a conflict of interest.

My wife Bobbi is one of those federal employees that will get no pay raises for two years.  She thinks there is nothing wrong with that and said most of her colleagues feel that way too.  John Trever's editorial cartoon in the Journal this morning is very unfair.  I would bet the farm that he never spoke to one federal employee before he did that nasty cartoon today.  This gets back to what I was talking about in yesterday's blog about how the leadership at the paper doesn't really understand the nature of their subscribers.  At least it was an editorial cartoon and not stuck on the front page as a news story.  If I were a federal employee I might make my feelings known to the once funny but now hateful cartoonist.

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Anonymous said...

Just can't down the Journal can ya Jim? In the stories for the female reporters you left out corrupt NM politicians.