Monday, December 27, 2010


The Albuquerque Journal did their look back at Governor Richardson's two terms.  It said his administration was dogged by scandals.  It should of said his administration was dogged by the Albuquerque Journal, as all Hispanic democratic governors are.  Jerry Apodaca, Toney Anaya, and Bill Richardson all tasted those barrels of ink.  Unlike republicans Garrey Carruthers and Gary Johnson.  Bruce King was never really pummeled by the Journal in a consistent way.  Susanna Martinez may well escape the poison printing press since she is a darling of the oil and gas industry.

So, the question is, do the exempt employees who are being fired by the new Governor get to collect unemployment compensation?  I think the answer is yes.  It is okay for them to be shown the door by the new governor who should have  her own folks in those positions. (It seems many are from Florida and Texas, doesn't it?)  I think it is also okay that those newly unemployed get help just like everyone else.

The new Governor needs to announce soon who the new Environment Secretary will be.  It will certainly show us what kind of protections we can expect for our water, air and landscapes.

We went to see "The King's Speech" last night.  It was an excellent movie that did not have special effects.  Just good writing.  It was surprising to see a packed theater.  Great acting all the way around.

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