Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Okay, Obama gave up without drawing blood.  That is what he does and we cant change it.  I thought the whole idea of this tax debate was to raise more money to fight the deficit.  Instead, it will add to it.  This whole thing is bizarre.  It is other worldly.  The one tax break that would have made sense is one that supports renewable energy.  It was ignored.

In the meantime NASA says the odds of other life off this planet are improving everyday.  I wonder if other intelligent species argue about taxes?  It appears to me that you can not be intelligent and end up where this country is right now. We will be easy pickings if ET shows up.

I see where ATT wireless was voted the worse cell phone service.  I could have told anyone that.  We liked our Iphones but dumped them two weeks ago for Verizon Fascinate Androids.  They are superior in every way, especially since we can now get a signal from a cell phone tower.  I think ATT is run by con men.  They are all crooks and anyone who works for them are too. Apple is complicit.

I know how Mayor Berry can become a hero.  He needs to go out and find another cable TV provider to come in and compete with Comcast.  You know, they are the guys who raise your bill every few months so they can buy NBC and other cable companies, while providing Duke City residents with crappy service.  They are right up there with ATT.  Certainly, when the Comcast franchise comes up in a few years I will spend some time trying to make them miserable.

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