Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bait and Switch

The Albuquerque's Journal's peculiar brand of Journalism where you have someone like Thomas Cole beat a subject to death while real news goes unreported continues aud nasuem.  He is still on the case of state airplanes not flying the Governor around.  It is easy work and requires nothing more than some keyboard action.

We decided this morning that the Governor has a fear of flying which is why she, as state chief executive, will waste her time in an SUV traipsing across the state.

Compare this kind of journalism with the New York Times reporting on dangerous side effects of drilling for natural gas.  That drilling has been rampant here in New Mexico for years and yet you see little enterprise on the part of the Journal in letting folks know about such dangers.  They will however report greatly on any regulations that the oil and gas industry does not like.

Of course the Governor loves this kind of journalism because it takes the heat off of her to tackle real issues.  If the press follows an easy story on the Governor not flying in a state plane, or not liking APS because of a large PR department, then the real problems go unnoticed.  Once again, this state is being run by Susana's political campaign managers instead of studied policy wonks.  This is all beginning to look like a replay of Sarah Palin's governorship where she stuck around for two years, did nothing and then ran for Vice President.


Vicki said...

You can bet Ms. Susana has her eye on higher office. Hey, even if she fails, just look at the fame and fortune that can be obtained (viz a viz Sarah Palin) and it sure beats working as a Governor! I've no love for the Journal's penchant to use columnists like Thomas Cole for their front page articles to beat up politicians for the Republican Party agenda. I did like that he did a hit piece on Harrison Schmitt, though.

Anonymous said...

She has no fear of flying. Have u seen her broom