Saturday, March 12, 2011


The explosion of the building surrounding the nuclear reactor in Japan this morning will pretty much put a nail in the coffin of any planned renewed uranium mining in New Mexico.  Let us hope so.  Having said that I always had a slight feeling that these power plants could solve problems for us in our energy production.  Once again I am reminded that is foolish.

You can rebuild and rejuvenate after an earthquake and tsunami.  You just have to leave an area for hundreds of years if the nuclear fuel melts down.  It really is scary stuff.


Matt Heavner said...

We may need to irrationally fear any scary news with nuclear power. But this refinery burning is aok?

Anonymous said...

there is nothing irrational about a nuclear pile meltdown. we will live with it for hundreds of years, oil refineries will just burn out.

Matt Heavner said...

The emotionally loaded "nuclear pile meltdown" vs the "just burn out" (CO2 loading of the atmosphere and climate change, not to mention radioactive release associated with coal) isn't a simple comparison -- that's my main concern.