Monday, March 14, 2011


On March 2nd of this year the Martinez administration announced it had approved uranium exploration permits on private land in Cibola County.  Bad timing here, no question about it.

At the same time the Obama administration wants to triple loan guarantees for nuclear power.  It would commit almost $60 billion that taxpayers would be on the hook for if the industry defaults.  A new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists  “(Nuclear Power: Still Not Viable Without Subsidies,”) found that more than 30 subsidies have supported every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium mining to long-term waste storage. Added together, these subsidies often have exceeded the average market price of the power produced."  Might be time to rethink this offer.

It now appears that Japan's nuclear power plants are going off like popcorn with resulting economic uncertainty for that beleaguered country and the nuclear industry.  It is intriguing to me about how these things always seem to cluster and run into each other.  Now we can expect to see the fossil fuel boys say they are the only answer.

On Sunday the Albuquerque Journal ran another oped by some oil industry mascot saying they are the solution to everything.  The Journal also ran a half page paid ad by the oil and gas industry beating their drums on how great they are.  Same kind of ads are on TV.

What I am trying to say here is that none of these tired, dangerous or worn out industries is any sort of long range answer for energy production on this planet.  They will be around a while but Solar, Tidal and Wind may be the real solutions.  That is where all subsidies should go.  Just forget about the nuclear power plants though.  They could only work in a perfect world.....and well........

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