Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cat Checkin---Relax

Hermes and Ajax are one year old now.  We have had them for ten months.  We are definitely now 'cat people'.  Both of them are affectionate lap sitters and generally entertain us.  They are relaxing.

We need it.  I just got home from a breezy and cool golf game at Twin Warriors only to discover that the powers that be at the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District have decided not to allow public comment during a session of the board on endangered species with in the district.  How does this serve the people?  The district spent $20,000 on this issue in December alone and yet they think the public should be muzzled.  The Chairman of the Board, Janet Jarrett and the attorney Chuck Dumars are responsible for this, along with a majority of the board.

The management and board of the District continue to operate in the stone age.  For a while there it looked like the media was starting to pay attention.  Now they are not.

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Anonymous said...

Jim, it is always good to keep your eye on the conservancy district and the state engineer's office. Shenanigans galore.
It does seem things are starting improve over there as far as water and water rights accounting though. Lots of water rights sold over the years, as you well know. This means the state engineer and the district will need to work with each other to to enforce priority and protect senior water right holders. Hopefully this happens. Many land owners are still in the dark about their water rights. I suspect the majority of senior water rights will be in the hands of the municipalities and other industries within the next decade or two.
As far as endangered species, they should let the public be heard on this issue.