Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama Energy

President Obama is getting a lot of crap from the bought and paid for Senators and Congressmen of the oil and gas industry.  They seem to think that Obama's quest for energy independence from foreign oil is really a secret desire to raise gasoline prices so Americans can suffer.  I wonder if sometimes congress people who say things like this should be required to spend a little time with a shrink every six months.  Make that a law.  Maybe every three months for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

This kind of thinking is like my hunter/killer cat Ajax sitting in the bird bath.  It is not a way to acheive long range success in the bird snatching arena.  He might be a little too visible.  Kind of like overly ridiculous charges against the President.  Just ask the oil industry who is ranking very low right now in the polls.

Channel 13 did a story on a local PR guy(looking for business I suppose) who did a poll on what industries and professions ranked lowest with the public in New Mexico.  Oil and Gas industry was in the cellar along with lawyers and broadcast journalists.  If they polled on bloggers I am sure we would be down there too.

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Abq Dude said...

No doubt some bloggers would be down at the bottom, but unlike Joe Monahan, most others offer the opportunity to respond on the column and debate issues. On Monahan's, you have to email him. Convenient that he can filter out what he likes and dislikes. He would be at the bottom of my list. Thanks for the opportunity, Jim.