Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Colleague

Bill Cronon is one of my fellow Council Members  at The Wilderness Society and is a Professor of History, Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin.  He recently inked an oped in the New York Times which is a calling out of the actions of the Wisconsin republican governor who is attempting to kill unions.  You must read it here.

It is essentially an essay on the republican party killing the programs they used to fight for.  Cronon also inked his first ever blog taking a scholarly look at what led to this.  It is a good read.

Now the republican party in Wisconsin has filed a information request to get copies of all Cronon's emails from his University accounts in Madison.  Does this sound strangely like retaliation?  Does it sound like an attempt at silencing a scholar?  Does it sound like Senator Joseph McCarthy's tactics.  Damn right it does.

All this reminds me of a police state.  They are always watchful and waiting to pounce much like my cat Hermes does in the kitchen.  I don't know what he wants to attack, but he will know it when he sees it.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I would keep you cat away from that beautiful pot. Are you nuts?

Darjole said...

Nice cat and nice flag you have there in New Mexico :)