Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Journal Head Scratchers

The Albuquerque Journal is telegraphing their bias today on how they will maneuver their coverage of the upcoming race to replace Senator Jeff Bingaman who is stepping down.  In a story today asking for comments on the Libyan bombing from the state congressional delegation they included former Congresswoman Heather Wilson.  It is bizarre.  How about a little more subtlety from the publisher and owner?  I know that Heather, a great supporter of the bush/cheney team, has announced her candidacy, but honestly she is not there yet!

Albuquerque School Board member David Robbins, who was forced out of a position with Mayor Berry's office, has landed in a state job at Tax and Revenue.  This is one of those political hires that Governor Martinez is always attacking the former administration of Bill Richardson for.  I wonder if the Journal will point that out.

Journal science reporter John Fleck had a thoughtful piece on Sandia Lab scientists's take on climate change.  I hope the editorial board looks at the story seriously and uses its information on future opinions.  Really you guys, it is not a plot to install an authoritarian government as Harrison Schmitt opined on his blog.

And what ever happened to Albuquerque Public Safety Chief Darren White?  Has he been banished to his office from his constant media appearances after his no confidence vote by the police union?  I hope so.  It is good to see the Police Chief on the air now instead of the p.r. seeking White.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Juniper Pollen?


Rodney said...

Speaking of (apparent) rep/senator Wilson, I wonder if she has ever, EVER spent a dime out of her own pocket for healthcare? Has this person EVER had a job that wasn't a political position by appointment or election? I'm already so sick of her I could hurl, and now the Urinal is blatantly putting her in a position she does not have claim to.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the Journal only prints what they feel is conveniently slanted in their political direction. I only subscribe for the local news - most of the other stuff is already a day old.

It was just a matter of time before we began to see the hiring of cronies. I think it's a disease people get from living in the governor's mansion.

Michelle Meaders said...

Maybe Darren White went to Japan with a squad from here, like he went to New Orleans after Katrina, and Taos during the freeze.