Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bought and Paid For

Western republican governors are a good investment for the coal, oil and gas industries.  After pouring millions of dollars into the campaign coffers of these characters the governors are now giving payback.  They are pushing hard against Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar's  executive order restoring balance to the protection of western public lands.  Of course these right wing republicans don't look at them as 'public' lands but as lands that the oil, gas and coal industries should have complete dominion over.  It is comical and tragic at the same time.

These antiquated and environmentally dangerous industries, who stand in the way of renewables, aren't happy with having access to millions of acres of Bureau of Land Management holdings.  They want it all even if they don't need it, so they can continue to hold sway over our national heritage lands.

In fact, while criticizing the Obama administration for holding back access, the oil and gas industry currently controls over 41 million acres of BLM onshore lands while only using 12 million acres.  And they scream for more!  In 2010 the BLM issued over 4,000 drilling permits but the oil and gas boys only used 1200!

So, any republican governor who screams about this is nothing more than a liar, lacking in ethics, and corrupt.


Vicki said...

The recent crisis wherein our citizens had their natural gas shut off due to a "shortage" and the current escalation of gas prices are being used by these same oil and gas companies in the same way Enron deliberately manipulated energy prices in California back in 2001. It creates fear and chaos, then gets the public to support their takeover of our natural resources. "The Smartest Guys in the Room" (2006) was such an excellent film about Enron and the game energy companies play.

Ms. Martinez was bought and paid for by Texas oil and gas companies for sure. I read who her 2010 donors were -- mostly Texas gas and oil interests and lawyers reprenting them -- and its scary to think what access they will now have here in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Without cheap, abundant, and accessible energy, this country (and this world for that matter) is finished. We can add wind and solar to the mix also, but those sources will never be able to compete with conventional fuels.

Anonymous said...

That anonymous guy is like to idiots in Spain and Portugal who said wind power could never be replaced by steam engines. And then the brits fell behind after they stuck with coal instead of oil. And now the oil guys stick with their goo and other countries will replace us at the top of the heap.

Anonymous said...

At the same time, Salazar and Obama open up the Gulf for more oil drilling.