Friday, March 04, 2011

Sci Fi

I love Sci Fi books and movies.  My latest favorite authors are Robert Charles Wilson (Spin) and Michael Flynn (Eifelheim).  I am now also getting into Dan Simmons (Hyperion).

So I have been looking forward to seeing the movie version of Philp Dick's "The Adjustment Team."   It is a conspiracy theorist's dream movie which mostly is based on the premise that unknown forces are controlling our lives. Its kind of the way that undocumented workers must feel right now as they watch the New Mexico Legislature fart around with their futures as a way of gaining political points.  Driver's licenses of all things!  It is nauseating.

We need some sort of adjustment bureau to come in and adjust a few legislators.  Make them nicer.  Make them thoughtful.  Make them servants of the public.  Make them work on meaningful job creation.  It would take a real conspiracy to make that happen.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Do you mean - Like we the people conspiring to do something about it?

The figures released yesterday were that governments eliminated 30,000 jobs the previous month. Local governments have shed 377,000 jobs the past two years. The Republicans in congress want to eliminate 200,000 more federal jobs in the next two years.

Maybe we should keep Governor Martinez and the NM legislature focused on driver's licenses.